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Assalamu Alaikum My name is Christopher Bohar my Islamic name is Muhammad Al-Amin after Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). I am a 17 year old Sunni Muslim from Pennsylvania. I had no real interest in any type of Religion or Philosophy until about 4 years ago. At this time I was in Middle School and obviously I felt the need to experiment with certain things.

I don't know how it happened but I got involved with the wrong crowd they were Satanists not the kind who are Devil-Worshippers but the kind who believe they are their own Gods-more or less Humanists. Their Philosophy seemed to make so much sense and I became a Satanist. At first I had the false sense of power but then it became Hell! I felt empty inside and became depressed my grades dropped in school and friends came and went which made me feel even worser than before! After over a year of this I converted to Christianity for the first time-since it is a God-based Religion I began to feel God in my Life but I still felt as if something was missing-I seen all the hipocrisies that the Bible makes and I made a concious decision that this could NOT be the True Word of God.

I only spent maybe three or four months in the Christian Faith but I still could not grasp the idea of a "Trinity" so I dropped Christianity and fell back into hating God and fell back into Satanism. Then September 11th happened. This event horrifed me and when the Media said the hijackers were Muslims I became upset I cursed Islam and God and became extremely anger at everything Islam. After I calmed down which took two or three weeks I actually began to take an-depth study of Islam-to get a feel for it's Beliefs and Practices. I studied Islam here and there for about two months after September 11th-I read the Quran on the Internet and I learned that Islam is what I was looking for all along! I learned that Islam is not a Religion of Violence or Terrorism but a Religion of Understanding Peace Love and Harmony with God and others. Only a few days after Ramadhan began I took the Shahada and dedicated myself to Islam and God and rejected my old Satanic Beliefs. I realized I was not my own God and I realized that God was definetly real-just looking at His Glourious Creation is enough to convice any True Thinker of that! I participated in Ramadhan and read the Quran front to back and began to read the Sunnah/Hadiths-what the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said made so much sense to me! Islam didn't judge me or condemn me like Christianity tends to do but it embraced me to become a better Muslim which was really Inspiring to say the least!

The Quran taught me the Value or performing Good Deeds and having Faith and Worshipping God without Partner. As my Faith grew I started making Dahwah (Preaching Islam) over the Internet (mostly to Christians) and I was surprised to learn how close-minded many were to Islam even though both Islam and Christianity have SO MUCH in common with one another! I have made it MY DUTY as a Muslim to get through to Christians to at least accept the fact that we Worship the same God-a God who has taught me and is teaching me His Ways and now I can honestly look forward to Paradise and even if we get depressed or downed we can always really on God to bring us back up when necessary! All Praise is due to Allah for leading me to His True Religion! Wa'salem Alikam Wa Ramatuh Allah Wa Baraktuh!

Christopher Bohar a.k.a. -Muhammad Al-Amin (Ex-Satanist Ex-Christian Sunni Muslim for Life).