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It is an accepted fact among the authentic scholars of Islam that for centuries tar?w?h sal?t was and is an additional sal?h (prayer) in the month of Ramad?n. Only the Sh??as reject tar?w?h. The Ahle Had?th sect (or Salafis) also reject the fact that there is an additional prayer in Ramad?n. Their belief is that tahajjud sal?t which is performed during the latter portion of the night was brought forward in Ramad?n. Thus there is no addition in Ramad?n.

(The Ahle Hadith are a sect that do not ascribe to any mazhab nor do they follow any particular Imam. They claim to derive their rules directly from the hadith. Another name used for this sect is Ghair Muqallideen. The Salafis also hold similar beliefs. The term Ahle Hadith used in this book refers in general to all those who hold such beliefs)

The Ahle Hadith hold the same belief as the Sh??a regarding tar?w?h. (It is interesting to not that Mia Nazir Husain Delhwi the firts notable scholar of the Ahle Hadith sect remarked to Moulana Thanaullah Amritsari that the Ahle Hadith are small Shias due to the disrespect created by not adopting the taqlid of the Imaams. See Tarikh Ahle Hadith by Moulana Muhammad Ibrahim) According to them Nab? (Sallall?hu alaihi wasallam) began performing his tahajjud earlier in Ramad?n. This was then termed tar?w?h. According to this belief there was no increase in the sal?t of Nab? (Sallall?hu alaihi wasallam) during Ramad?n.