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I testify that there is no God but Allah I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah That is the Shahadah I had pronounced from the bottom of my heart in front of a crowed audience at a mosque in the Kingdom of Belgium on the 19th of May 2000 when I just reached the age of 26. I was born and grew up in Hanoi Vietnam. Thanks to the blessings of Allah I was allowed to come to Belgium in 1998 to study for the Master of Science degree in Physical Land Resources.

When I was in Vietnam I had a very vague concept of the Creator and often felt very embrassed to ask myself "where do men and the universe come from?" At that time The Lord or God Adam and Eve for me were simply the characters in children's tales. I have also been told about Allah Muhammad Qur'an and Muslims but I had never thought that these terms are so closely related to each other.

Among my classmates in Belgium some adopted Christianity while some follow the religion of Islam. Many times they have explained to me about The Lord but I did not pay attention to it. On the contrary I even protested against it strongly. I thought to myself "since thay are highly educated as such why do they believe in the items of nonsense like that?"

I still remember when for the first time I saw from behind a Muslim friend in the position of bowing down to pray I thought he was looking for an object falling on the floor! Later on when I understood the truth I was very ashamed of my lack of knowledge.

When I was told that the Muslim population in the world are about one billion three hundred million making one Muslim in five people I changed from indifference to the attitude of curiosity and was moved to inquire about Islam. My curiosity increased when I knew that the Holy Qur'an explained clearly a number of scientific phenomena and stated about the Hereafter.

I knew moreover that there are also a number of Muslim communities in Vietnam. This made me become even more eager to know about Islam thoroughly. A religion that has many followers who adopted and complied with a pure and respectable way of life. I thought there must be some miracles that make Muslims acquire such a firm faith.

I started inquiring about this religion in September 1999. The more I've learnt the more I appreciated Islam and realized that Muslims live very sincerely and possess many qualities that make me respect them. The more I extended the relations with Muslims the more it confirmed my unshakeable sentiment towards Islam.

Many times I have asked myself whether The Lord would really exist. How can we believe in Allah while we cannot see Him by our own eyes? In spite of plenty of modern equipment we are still not able to see the Lord. I was thinking over this every day and night in order to look for an appropriate answer for myself.

Later I found out that although being unable to see The Lord men can still perceive His Existence from their heart. This is like when we see a painting we only feel the thoughts or theme of the painter in our mind but we do not pick them up directly from the painting. Yet if men can see and recognize The Lord in person (like in bone and flesh) then is it true that The Lord is similar to the creatures that He creates? No and that is the essence of Islam. That The Lord is never represented for worship under the forms of statues that are moulded by men themselves.

In the process of inquiring about Islam I have received the encouragement the whole-hearted assistance and guidance of brothers and sisters-in-Islam the world over particularly the Vietnamses speaking Muslims.

I had the good blessing of obtaining a Vietnamese translation of the Holy Qur'an in March. After reading the Holy Qur'an I believe entirely in Allah (subhanahu wa Ta'Ala - all glory be with the Highest Lord) as the Creator and Lord of the universe. The contents of the Qur'an are indeed the Words of Allah that were revealed to Nabi Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

I believe that Islam is the religion of Eternal Truth that is very close to life. I've decided to follow Islam and to become a Muslim without further delay not even for another minute or second.

The day I became Muslim it was the most important day of my life. In my life from now on I may see the light of Truth of Islam thus ending the period of darkness and ignorance. I feel peace and joyful since my mind has a firm support. I am very honored and proud when I became a Muslim. My person has undertaken major changes. Previously I often drank alcohol and beer during the time of joy and sadness. I lied without shame and when I did something it was just for my own interest. I never thought of anything good or bad and I was very afraid of death! Now I am completely different. I am feeling Allah beside me all the time Who sees me listens to me and knows all my thoughts. This makes me become a good and pious person. Although I feel very regretful for what I had wrongfully done previously I still have a peace of mind for indeed Allah is the Most Generous and the Most Merciful.

I have an ultimate hope that is to do in such a way as to have numerous people the world over particularly in Vietnam to understand the bright beautiful qualities of the right path of Islam and to become Muslim the same way as Allah has guided and directed me.