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Nahmaduhu Wa Nusalli Allah Rasoulihil Kareem. Allah loves Islam very much. Whoever acts on Islam, Allah will love him very much. Sahaba (Radi-Allaho-Anhum) said by striving in the path of Allah, aquired lots of qualities, but six qualities were common in all of them. If we try to aquire these six qualities in our lives then Sahaba-(Radi-Allaho-Anhum) said it will be very easy for us to live on complete Islam.

The first quality was La Illaha Illalah Muhammadur Rasullulah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Which means, there is no one worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) is the messenger of Allah. By saying this Kalimah, we pledge with Allah (Subhano-Wa-Ta-Allah) that we shall obey all his commandments in the way of Muhammadurasullulah (S.A.W). The reality of this Kalimah is to inculcate in ourheart the conviction that nothing can do anything without the will of Allah, and Allah (Subhano-Wa-Ta-Allah) can do anything without the help of the entire creation of the universe, and whoever will follow the way of Muhammad (S.A.W) will get success here and in the hereafter. If anyone does not follow the way of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) he will meet failure. If anyone says this Kalimah with these aforementioned convictions, Allah will forgive all his sins even though he was a Kafir. In order to acquire this quality in our lives we have to invite others towards this Kalimah and individually we are to recite this Kalimah abundantly, and pray to Allah to give us the reality of this Kalimah.

The second quality is Salaat. This is the first and foremost commandment of Allah. As in Salaat, we use our hearts and all the limbs of the body according to the order of Allah, in the way of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Likewise while we are in any action of our daily lives, we must carry that out according to the order of Allah, in the way of Rasullulah (S.A.W.). Rasullulah (S.A.W.) says whoever would take care of five times Salaat, Allah will give him five rewards- (1) His daily bread will be made easy. (2) Chastisement in the grave will be moved. (3) Book of records will be given in the right hand on the Day of Judgment. (4) He will be able to cross the bridge of Sirat at the speed of lightening. (5) He will enter paradise without reckoning. So we are to invite others towards Salaat. By stating its virtues and we ourselves must try to make the Fard Salaat with congregation, and to take care of Sunnah & Nafil and ask Allah to give us the ability (taufeek) to make Salaat, which pleases Allah.

The third quality is Ilm and Zikr. These are very important, Rasullulah (S.A.W.) said, “Acquisition of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim”. The objective is this; that every Muslim males and females must acquire the knowledge about the orders of Allah and Sunnah of the prophet (S.A.W.) in every action a Muslim does in his daily life. So, whoever will go out to acquire knowledge of Islam, Allah will make easy for him the way of paradise. Whoever will learn one chapter of Ilm (knowledge of Islam) Allah will give him the reward of 1000 Rakat Nafil Salaat. Therefore we are to invite others to acquire knowledge, and acquire jurisprudence from the scholars, and virtues by sitting in the Halqa of Taleem, and pray to Allah to give us the knowledge that benefits us.

The fouth quality is Ikram-Ul-Muslimeen. We are to know the value of a Muslim and fulfill his rights. We should not look for our rights to be fulfilled. Whoever will fulfill a need of a Muslim brother, Allah will give him 73 blessings; one blessing is enough to satisfy all his needs of hereafter and the rest will be given in the hereafter to elevate his rank. Therefore our elders suggest that we should respect the elders, love the young ones,  and revere the scholars, and ask Allah to give us the Taufeek of Ikram-Ul-Muslimeen.

The fifth quality is Iklas. Everything we do should be for the pleasure of Allah only. Whoever will give a date for the pleasure of Allah. Allah will give him reward more that the amount of Uhud. Therefore we are to check our intentions at the beginning, in the middle, and in the end, that if it is done for the pleasure of Allah. If we find anything wrong in our intention, we must correct it. We are to invite for it and pray to Allah to give us Iklas.

The last quality is Tabligh (striving in the path of Allah with our own money, time and person). In order to acquire these qualities discussed earlier, we must go out in the path of Allah with money, our time and ourselves. Because  Rasullulah (S.A.W.) put Sahaba (Radiallahu Anhum) to strive in the path of Allah to acquire these qualities. In addition to that, we are the followers of the last prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), hence we are obliged to act on the commandments of Allah ourselves, and invite others to do so.

The purpose of Zikr is to create a state of consciousness of Allah in our heart. Whoever keeps his tongue wet with the remembrance of Allah will enter paradise smilingly. In order to acquire this quality we should recite three Tasbeehs each morning and each evening, and recite some part of the Quran daily and ask Allah to give us the quality of Zikr in our heart. Also invite others by stating its virtues. Therefore our elders say in order to learn these we have to go out in the path of Allah for 4 months. Those who have already spent 4 months, they should spend 40 days each year (Insha-Allah), 3 days every month, 2 gust every week, two Taleem every day and spend one night every week with Jamaat in Mosque. May Allah give us Taufeek (the ability) to put inaction what is said and heard. May Allah forgive our shortcomings.