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Q. Is the Mehdi spoken of in the Hadith the same Mehdi who is regarded as the twelfth Imam of the Shia's ?

A. No, he is not the same person. According to Islam, Mehdi will be born in close proximity to Qiyamat. Nabi Eesa (a.s) will descend from heaven during the reign of Mehdi but, according to Shiaism their twelfth Imam was born centuries ago. At the age of about five years he disappeared and went into concealment where he is hiding till today in a cave in Iraq called as "Man-e-Rae". The Shia's believe that twelfth Imam will one day appear with the true Quran.



......most certainly the Qur'an which is in our presence is not the complete Qur'an as it was revealed to Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)......Most certainly many things have been omitted from it. (Tafseer-e-Safi: A Book of Shi'ism)


In fact, We fling the Haqq against batil (falsehood) and it (the Haqq) smashes out its (falsehood's) brains. And, suddenly it (batil) disappears. For you (the propounders of batil) there is the great calamity (of the punishment of Jahannum and Loss in the Akhirah) because of that (batil) which you are uttering). (Surah Ambiya)

If Haqq (Truth) had to submit (and follow) their vain desires, then most assuredly, the heavens, the earth and all therein would have perished. (Surah Mu'minoon)

This (The Qur'an) is a Revelation from (Allah) The Merciful, The Most Merciful. It is a Book, the verses of which have been explained - it is an Arabic Qur'an - for people who understand. It is a bringer of good news and a warner, but most of them have turned away (from it), thus they do not heed. (Surah Muhammad)

The Qur'an ul Hakeem being the primary, the first and highest source of Islam is an axiomatic truth for this Ummah of Islam. The Ummah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam), the follower of the illustrious Sahabah of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam), require no testimony and no proof for the eternal and transcendental that the Qur'an had withstood and will withstand all evil and pernicious motives and designs which people and sects of batil have attempted and will attempt to cast at it. The authenticity and purity of the Qur'an are indisputable and irrefutable. Every Muslims accepts this. Every Muslim knows and understands well that, for a Mu'min, interpolation and alteration in relation to the Qur'an are impossibilities. Muslims believe that the Qur'an will never be altered and that it will remain intact in its original purity in both text and meaning for all time to come. ALLAH Ta'ala has guaranteed the maintenance of the Qur'an authenticity. Thus, the Qur'an Majeed declares:
"We have revealed the Thikr (the Qur'an) and, most certainly, We are its Protectors."

Every Muslim believes that a person who casts aspersions at the authenticity of the Qur'an, cannot be a Muslim. Every Muslims knows that it is only an enemy of Islam who can with temerity assert that the Qur'an contains fabrication. It is non but a kafir who will claim that the Qur'an had been altered, mutilated, interpolated, fabricated and destroyed.

Those who assert that the Qur'an- the present Qur'an are the Shiahs. IN the ensuing pages this claim will be adequately and conclusively proven so that Muslims divest themselves of the many wrong notions and attitudes which have minds as a result of a loud "Islamic" and "religions" slogans which Khomeini, his clergy and Shiah sympathizers are shouting. This incessant clamor of "religious" Shiah slogans is devious and pernicious political goals.

To Khomeini, Islam's highest goal is politics- the type of politics envisaged by Khomeini- the type of politics in which mobs and hoodlums constitute fundamental organs of operation. Thus, Khomeini was brought to power by mobs of a variety of political concepts. Proclaiming his political religion, Khomeini declared on 18th September 1979:

"Islam is a political religion whereby everything, even its forms of worship and its ritual prayers have a political nature."

On the 17th September 1979, Khomeini stated:

"The religion of Islam is a political religion in which everything has a political dimension even its form of worship." (Khomeini's views on the Particularities of Divine Religions).

The very inception of Shi'ism was political. Shi'ism was spawned by politics of an evil kind. Wordily politics of despicable motives were the seeds of Shi'ism, the movement which grew out of the murder of Ameerul Mo'mineen, Sayiduna Uthman (Radiallahu anhu). The first act of the conspiracy of Shi'ism was the murder of Hadhrat Uthman (Radiallahu anhu). Thus the attitude of murder and anarchy, form a continuous chain in the history of Shi'ism, from the murder and anarchy which clouds Shi'ism, be in the Iran, Iraq or Lebanon.

Since Islam is a political conception according to the Shiahs, they interpret the teaching of Islam on the basis of their narrow political attitudes and motives. It is on the basis of this narrow, worldly and political interpretation of Islam that Shiahs are able to justify their false and fabricated views and opinions of Islam, the Qur'an and the Sahabah. But, the Qur'an upholds the Islam accepted by the great Ummah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) as expounded by the illustrious Sahabah. The Qur'an which we posses does not support Shi'ism, hence it was necessary for the Shi'ah priests to dismiss the Qur'an as a fabrication of the Sahabah (radhwanullah alahim).

Today, in the Shi'ah world, Khomeini and his clergy are at pains to allay Muslims fears and suspicions on this score. Fully aware that all Shiah authorities deny the authenticity and validity of the present Qur'an - Khomeini, under covert of the Shiah doctrine of Taqiyyah (Holy Hypocrisy), assert that the Qur'an is 'authentic'. This assertion is merely for the consumption of unwary members of the Sunni world. Khomeini's assertion would have been worthy of consideration only if he proclaims the batil of all the Shiah authorities who categorically and very explicitly propagated the view of a fabricated and false Qur'an. It is meaningless and hypocritical for Khomeini to overly assert that our Qur'an is authentic while he lauds and believes in all those Shiah authorities who claim with great clarity that our Qur'an is fabricated and interpolated, and that the "true'' Qur'an does not exist with the Ummah.

Such devious hypocritical assertions are merely designed to dupe Muslims and are justified on the basis of the Shiah doctrine of Taqiyyah which is the beliefs allowing Shiahs to conceal their real beliefs and utter falsehood to mislead others. Insha'Allah, the Shiah doctrine of Taqiyyah will be explained and exposed in a separate treatise.

This political interpretation of Islam, which is in actual fact, the final goal and highest achievement of the Shiah horizon, permits the fullest operation of Shiah fraud and deceit countenanced by the doctrine of Taqiyyah. Shiah lies are sanctified and accorded the status of Ibadat if committed under cover of Taqiyyah to foster the political goals of Shi'ism. In the furtherance of Shi'ism aims and in the realization of Shi'i political aspirations, Khomeini and his clergy have realized that political domination in the name of Islam is a virtual impossibility without political domination in the name of Islam is a virtual impossibility there is no Ummah; without Sunnis there are no adherents of Islam, and without Sunnis there is no Islamic history. Shi'ism, at most, has been, and is, a thorn in the Flesh of Islam.

But Sunnis support can never be forthcoming if Sunnis know that true facts pertaining to Shi'ism. Among the true facts pertaining to Shi'ism, the most damning Shi'i beliefs of kufr is the charge that the Qur'an which the world of Islam reads and follows, is the fabrication of the Sahabah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam). Khomeini knows that no Sunni can ever support his cause if it becomes publicly known and established that Shi'ism denies the authenticity of the Qur'an. It has, therefore, becomes imperative in Shi'i terms to draw a cover on the Shi'i belief of the fabrication of the Qur'an. In the achievement of this aim, the present Shiah clergy, not the least Khomeini, is fully manipulating the Shiah doctrine of Holy Hypocrisy (Taqiyyah) to dupe Muslims and allay their fears regarding the actual beliefs of Shi'ism pertaining to Qur'an ul Hakeem. Justification of hypocrisy is quite a simple matter for a Shiah priest, since such hypocrisy and concealment of the truth are acts of high Ibadat. In fact, such Taqiyyah is the rock-bed of Shi'ism and denies of Taqiyyah are in fact apostates in the Shiah religion. Thus, the desperate assertions of contemporary Shi'i religion priest regarding the authenticity of the Qur'an are calculated to appease the world of Islam and are justified on the basis of Taqiyyah. But they are all devoid or truth, sincerity and substance. And so shall the Shiah slogan remain as long as Khomeini and his clergy grant quarters in their beliefs and hearts for those Shiah authorities who explicitly proclaim that the Qur'an is a fabrication.

We have leveled a charge of kufr of the gravest magnitude against Shi'ism. We know it. It now develops upon us to present conclusive evidence to prove the grave charge brought by us against Khomeini and his ecclesiastic colleagues. This we present in the ensuing pages.

May Allah Ta'ala guide us and protect our Iman and the Iman of those who are exposed to the politico-religious propaganda emanating from Tehran, and aides by sympathizers who believe themselves to be among the Ahle-Sunnah.

Khomeini and the Shi'i Authorities

In Shiah religious circles the name, Mulla Baqir Majlisi, occupies an exceptionally high pedestal. Baqir Majlisi flourished in the eleventh century Hijri, and is regarded possibly as the highest Shiah cleric of all time. He is considered to be a Shi'ah authority of outstanding rank, Shiahs believe him to be a great mujtahid , muhaddith and author. The priests of Shi'ism have designated him 'Khatamul Muhadditheen' (the seal of the Muhadditheen). Among Shiahs his writings and books are accorded priority and greater acceptance than those of other authorities.

On page 121 of his book, Kashful Asrar, Khomeini speaks highly of the books of Baqir Majlisi and exhorts Shiahs to study his works, especially the book known as Haqqul Yaqeen. Khomeini, himself cities extensively from the works of Baqir Majlisi. This Baqir Majlisi, when referring to Hadhrat Umar (radhiallahu anhu) in his books, writes
" Umar Bin Khattab on whom be la'nat (curse) and athab (punishment)."
May Allah Ta'ala save us from uttering such blasphemy.

Among the highest authorities of the Shiah religoin is Allahmah Noori Tabresi who is recognized as a very great mujahid and muhaddith by the Shiah clergy.

In his book, Al-Hukumatul Islamiyyah, Khomeini speaks laudingly of Allamah Noori Tabresi and cites from his (Noori's) book, Mustadrakul Wasa-il.

Another important and celebrated authority on Shi'ism according to the Shiah clergy is Al-Kulyani Ar-Razi. Khomeini cites copiously from the books of Al-Kulyani. The Shi'i authority, Allamah Husayn Tabatabai proclaims Al-Kulyani's book known as Al-Kafi, to be the "most trustworthy and celebrated work of hadith known in the Shi'ite world."

Why Shi'ism Cannot Accept The Authenticity of the Qur'an

Shi'ism believes in the doctrine of the extension of Nubuwwah (Prophethood), i.e. Nubuwwah continues in the persons described as Imams by the Shi'i religion. The first such Imam according to Shi'ism was Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) who was the representative of Rasulullah (s.a.w.w). According to Shi'ism no one, but Ali (radhiallahu anhu) was supposed to have been the first Khalifah divinely appointed through the agency of Rasulullah (s.a.w.w). But, Hadhrat Ali, claim the Shiahs, was robbed and denied of the Khilafah. Shi'ism shamelessly propagates that Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Hadhrat Umar and then Hadhrat Uthman (radhiallahu anhum), in collusion and each in turn, usurped the Khilafat and thereby fraudulently suppressed the Divine Right of Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu).

The consequence of this supposed usurpation was the irtidad (becoming murtad) and kufr of Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman Muhammad (s.a.w.w). The present Qur'an - the Qur'an revealed to Muhammad (s.a.w.w)-was collected and complied into book form by these three noble Companions and Khulafa of Nabi-e-Kareem (s.a.w.w). This is an irrefutable historical fact as evident as daylight to the World of Islam. It is an indisputable Islamic and historical fact the compilation of the Qur'an into book form was carried out by the Chief Scribe, Hadhrat Zaid Bin Thabit (radhiallahu anhu) who was convinced of the wisdom of compiling the Qur'an by Hadhrat Umar (radhiallahu anhu). But according to the Shiah clergy these illustrious Sahabah including the vast majority of Sahabah turned their backs on Islam when Rasuluallah (s.a.w.w) died. We have already dealt with this heinous slander of the Shiahs in part 1 of the series, "The Truth About Shi'ism." It will suffice here to cite just two statements extracted from Al-Kafi, the book by the Shi'i authority Al-Kulyani:

"After Rasuluallah (s.a.w.w) all people became murtads except three persons- Miqdad Bin Aswad. Abu Tharr Ghifari and Salman Farsi (radhiallahu anhu wabaratuhum)."

Referring to Hadhrat Abu Bakr (radhiallahu anhu) and Hadhrat Umar (radhiallahu anhu), Al-Kulyani attributes the following statements to Imam Baqir (one of the Shiah Imams):

"By Allah! These two were the first to settle on our necks (i.e. the necks of the Ahle Bait). May the la'nat of Allah, the Angels and of mankind be on these two." (Kitabur Raudhah)

Thus, the logical conclusion-in Shi'i terms- of the alleged irtidad of the Khulafa-e-Rashideen and the Sahabah is the falsity of the Qur'an compiled by them. How can the Shiahs accept the authenticity of the Qur'an when the allege that those who compiled the Qur'an in book form were murtads and kafirs of the worst type?

The following narrations in the Shi'i book, Al-Kafi, illustrates the Shi'i denial of the present Qur'an- that the Qur'an which the Sahabah possessed was not the true Qur'an:

"Imam Ja'far Sadiq said: 'When Ali-alayhis salam-wrote and completed it (the Qur'an) he came to the people (i.e. the Sahabah) and said to them: This is the book of Allah Azza Wa Jal, as Allah has revealed it to Mohammad (s.a.w.w). The people said: This volume with us contains the Qur'an. We are not in need of it (i.e. the Qur'an of Ali). Then he (Ali) said: By Allah! After this day you will not see it."
Shi'ism thus teaches that the Qur'an which the Sahabah possessed was not the actual and true Qur'an and that the true Qur'an was the one compiled by Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu), but was rejected by the other Sahabah. As a result of their rejection, the true Qur'an went into concealment.

Which Is The True Qur'an ?

Kulyani, narrates the following statement which he attributes to Imam Baqir: "None among mankind but a great liar claims that he has compiled the whole Qur'an as it was revealed. No one compiled it nor memorized it as Allah revealed it, but Ali Bin Abi Talib and the Imams after him".

This is clear statement refutes the validity and authenticity of our Qur'an. It is clear from this statement that according to Shi'i belief:

*All who claimed to have compiled the true Qur'an are great liars.
*None besides Hadhrat Ali (Radiallahu anhu) and the Shi'i Imams, compiled the Qur'an.
* Only Hadhrat Ali and the Shi'i Imams were Huffaz. Only they had memorized the Qur'an and all others who claim to have memorized the Qur'an are liars.

How glaring is the batil of Shi'i claim! The world of Islam had produced millions pf Huffaz. And all Huffaz are among the Ahlus Sunnah. Only Sunnis become Hafiz of the Qur'an- only Sunnis are able to accomplish this noble feat. Among Shiahs there are no Huffaz. This fact by itself exposes the hypocrisy and kufr of the Shiahs.
The logical conclusion of the aforementioned assertions appearing in Al-Kafi is that the Qur'an is our possession is a fabricated one, the true and authentic one having disappeared. Thus, in terms of Shi'i belief the Ummah of Islam was deprived of the authentic Qur'an from almost the very inception of Islam. With the demise of Rasulullah (s.a.w.w) disappeared the Qur'an. For the past fourteen centuries, therefore, the Ummah has been making tilawat of a fabricated book- a book compiled by frauds and renegades- Nauthu billah! May Allah protect us from such Shi'i Kufr.

Where Is The True Qur'an

The Qur'an of Allah Ta'ala - the Qur'an which Rasulullah (s.a.w.w) delivered to the world is undoubtedly and indisputably is our possession. It exists in its original and authentic form with the Ummah. Every Muslim, the world over, recites it daily. Millions of Huffaz have it treasured in their hearts and minds which are the sacred Receptacles of Trust in which Allah Ta'ala has stored His Qur'an has always been with us and will always remain with us until the end of this world. But what does Shi'ism propagate in this regard?

Al-Kulyani, the "celebrated" Shi'i muhaddith and theologian attributed the following narration to Imam Ja'far Sadiq who is regarded by the Shiahs as one of their Imams:

"When the Qa-im (i.e. Imam Mahdi) appears, he will recite the book of Allah Azza Wa Jal its correct from and he will bring out that Mushaf (Qur'an) which Ali- alayhis salam wrote." (Al-Kafi)

"None but the Imams-alayhis salam-- compelled the whole Qur'an." (Al-Kafi)

According to Shi'ism, Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) took the Qur'an into concealment and there, in a cave, it remains to this day. The following statement appears in this regard in Al-Kafi:

"He (Ali) said: By Allah! You will never see it after this day of yours."

Shi'ism teaches that;
1. The true Qur'an was compiled by only Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu), but was rejected by Hadhrat Bakr, Umar and the rest of the Sahabah.
2. The true Qur'an was hidden by Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) who passed it on to the next Imam in turn passed it on to the succeeding Imam until it reached the 12th Imam Mahdi.
3. The true Qur'an is in Imam Mahdi's custody and Imam Mahdi is hiding is some cave.
When Imam Mahdi appears, he will produce the true Qur'an.

The Shia's "Qur'an"

The following narration attributed to Imam Ja'far Sadiq appears in Al-Kafi:

"Abu Abdullah (alayhis salam) said:

Verily the Qur'an which Jibraeel (alayhis salam) brought to Mohammed (s.a.w.w) consists of seventeen thousand ayats."

ln view of the fact that the Qur'an which the Ummah knows, has just over 6,000 ayats, the Shi'i Qur'an is almost thrice the size of the Qur'an Majeed. The logical conclusion stemming from the Shi'i claim made in the aforementioned citation is that approximately two thirds of the Qur'an Shareef have been discarded and destroyed. Pursuing this claim, Allama Qazweni, the Shi'i commentator of Al-Kafi; explains:

"The purport of Imam Ja'far Sadiq's statement is that a great part of the original Qur'an has been omitted and that (original Qur'an) is not among the well-known present texts of the Qur'an." (Sharhul Kafi Bab Fadhlil Qur'an)

In Ihtijaj Tabresi which is Shi'i clergy regards as one of the most authentic and highly- placed books of Shi'ism, Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) is alleged to have said that between two particular verses of the Qur'an, more than one third of the Qur'an was excised by the Sahabah. The following lie is attributed to Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) by the Shiah priest:

"This pertains to what I had mentioned earlier regarding the omission from the Qur'an by the munafiqeen (hypocrites). Between the statement "fil Yatama" and "Nikahin Nisa" more than one third of the Qur'an has been excised." (Ihtijaj Tabresi)

According to Shi'ism, there is no resemblance between the Shi'i Qur'an and the Qur'an which is in the possession of the Ummah of Islam. This fact is proclaimed unequivocally by the "celebrated" and highly placed Shi'i authority, Al-Kulyani who records in his Usool-e-Kafi the following narration.

"Abu Abdullah (alayhis salam) said: Verily, with us is the Qur'an of Fatimah. What do they ( the Sunnis) know about the Qur'an of Fatimah? It is the Qur'an which is thrice the size of your (Sunnis) Qur'an. By Allah! In it (the Shi'i Qur'an) there is not a letter (harf) of your (Sunnis) Qur'an." (Al-Kafi and Safi)

Further shiah claims regarding the Shi'i belief of a fabricated Qur'an

As explained earlier, Allama Noori Tabresi holds a distinguished rank in the Shi'i theological world. This Shi'i priest wrote a voluminous book which he titled, Faslul Khitab Fi Ithbati Tahreefi Kitabi Rabbil Arbab - A conclusive discourse to prove interpolation of the book of the Lord of Lord.

ln this book, Tabresi presents a detailed exposition in substation of the Shi'i claim that the present Qur'an is a fabricated and an interpolated book.
Among the arguments in substantiation of Shi'i claim of a fabricated Qur'an, Noori presents the following:

"Fourthly, are the specific narrations which explicitly assert or imply that the Qur'an is like the Taurah and Injeel regarding fabrication and alteration in it. (These narrations) indicate that in the domination of those munafiqeen (a reference to Hadhrat Abu Bakr and Umar) who settled as leaders over the Ummah is the way followed by Bani Israel in the matter of the Taurah and Injeel. This is an independent proof for the claim ( that the Qur'an has been tampered with.)" (Faslul Khitab)

Further expounding the Shi'i claim, Noori Tabresi states:

" Sayyid Muhaddith Al-Jazairi ( a Shi'i authority) said in this book, 'Al-Anwar':
'Our authorities are unanimous on the authenticity and verifications of the Mustafeed ( a Hadith category) narrations, which explicitly indicate that interpolation occurred in the Qur'an in regard to statements, content matter and diacritical signs. Yes, Murtadha, Sadiq and Shaikh Tabresi have differed in this matter." ( Faslul Khitab)

In addition to these four dissenters, Allama Noori Tabresi dismisses their opposition as insignificant, in the following terms:
"And, until his (i.e. Abu Ali Tabersi's) age (i.e. middle of the 6th century) no categorical difference of opinion (in this matter of a fabricated Qur'an) has been known besides that of those four elders." (Faslul Khitab)

Elsewhere in his book, Noori Tabresi states:

"Among the authorities of early times (Mutaqaddimeen) no fifth person (i.e. besides the abovementioned four) is known to share their (the four dissenters') opinion." (Faslul Khitab)

Allama Noori Tabresi states that there are over two thousand narrations of the Shi'i Imams indicating that the Qur'an is replete with fabrication. Thus he states:

"The twelfth is those narrations (of the Shi'i Imams) which relate to interpolation in specific places in the Qur'an. Such narrations indicate alteration in some words, ayat and surahs. These narrations are numerous, so much so that Sayyid Ni'matullah Al-Jazani said in some of his writings that the narrations indicating this fact (of fabrication and interpolation) exceed two thousand hadith (of the Shi'i Imams). (Faslul Khitab)

The following are more extracts from the book, Faslul Khitab of Allama Noori Tabresi:

"Muhammad Salih in Sharhul Kafi said: Verily, the Qur'an which Jibraeel brought to the Nabi consisted to seventeen thousand verses- in the narration of Saleem, eighteen thousand verses. The excision of part of the Qur'an and its interpolation are proven in our ways by Tawartur Ma'nawi (Narrations of the highest degree of authenticity).

In support of this contention, Noori Tabresi cites the well-known names which are recognized as the highest authorities in the Shi'ah world. These top-ranking Shi'i authorities who categorically assert the fabrication of the Qur'an are, in the words of the Noori;

The innumerable explicit narrations of so many Shiah theologians (muhaddiths, mujtahids, musannifs and allamas) categorically asserting that Qur'an which the Ummah has not the true Qur'an and that it is a fabricated version, leave not the slightest room for doubt regarding this matter. The clarity of Shiah belief regarding the Qur'an is adequately summed up in the following statement which appears in the Shiah book of Tafseer, known as Tafseer-e-Safi:

"It is proven all these narrations and others which have been transmitted by the Ahl-e-Bait (alayhis salam) that, most certainly, the Qur'an as it was revealed to Muhammad (s.a.w.w). On the contrary, in it )the present Qur'an) a section is in conflict with that Allah has revealed; a section is in altered form and a section is fabricated. Most certainly, many things have been omitted from it. Among the things omitted is the name of Ali from numerous places. And besides this, there are other things of omission." (Tafseer-e-Safi)

What greater and more damning evidence is required for proving the charge of a fabricated Qur'an against Shi'ism?

In another Shi'i narration it is alleged that Ali Bin Suwaidis Saee gave the following advice to Abul Hasanul Awwal:

"Do not acquire the Deen from anyone besides our Shiah because if you do, then verily, you will have acquired your Deen from such frauds who betrayed Allah and His Rasool, and who dishonored their trusts. Verily, they were entrusted with the Book of Allah, then they interpolated in it and altered it. On them be the curse of Allah, the curse of the Angels, the curse of my Shiah until the Day of Qiyamah." (Rijaal Kashi)

Those who were entrusted with the Book of Allah (the Qur'an) were the noble Sahabah who were the first Custodians and Guards of the Qur'an Majeed. All Shi'ism invoke curses on these illustrious Companions of Rasulullah (s.a.w.w) since Shiahs accuse them of hypocrisy and kufr. It is, therefore, simple to understand why the Shi'i priests reject the Qur'an and brand it a fabricated book.

Shi'i rejection of the Qur'an is that Qur'an which is in the custody of the Imams, (i.e. the 12 Imams of Shi'ism) the Qur'an which consists of seventeen thousand verses." (Safi-Sharhul Kafi)

"Abu Abdullah (alayhis salam) said: By Allah! This is the way in which Jibraeel revealed it (referring to a particular verse of the Qur'an), but it was altered in the Book of Allah Azza Wa Jal." (Raudhah Kulyani)

"Musa Kazim said: They (the Sahabah) interpolated in the Book of Allah and altered it." (Raudhah Kulyani)

N.B. Wherever the sentence 'alayhis salam' appears after the name of a non-Nabi, it is a reproduction from Shiah book. According to Muslims, the dua, 'alayhis salam' is used specifically for a Nabi. Since Shiahs believe in the extension of Nubuwwat to their Imams they use the words, 'alayhis salam' for that Imams as well.

In relation to the Shi'i 'qur'an' which Shi'ism assert to be thrice the size of the Qur'an, the few samples of Shi'i fabricated 'ayats' mentioned here represent an infinitesimal part of the huge fabrication of the alleged excision of two thirds of the Qur'an. In terms of Shi'ah excised from the Qur'an Shareef. Besides these colossal alleged and exposed excision, the "remaining third'' of the Qur'an is a mass of forgery and interpolation in the light of the Shiah religion.

The doctrine of Imamate is an obsession in the Shi'i religion, hence a surah named, 'Surah Wilayat' appears in certain copies of Irani qur'ans. A copy of this fraudulent and fabricated surah is reproduced here. The small writing between the Arabic lines is the Farsi translation.


Allama Noori Tabresi, the Shi'i authority to whom reference has been made in this treatise, mentions in this book, Faslul Khitab, that this Surah Wilayat is one of the Suraha which have been omitted from the Qur'an.


After reading these pages there will, Insha Allah, remain no doubt in the minds of all honest seekers of the truth regarding the actual belief of Shi'ism about the Qur'an Shareef. It will only be the grossly biased and dishonest sympathizers of Khomeini who will maintain their unlawful and intransigent attitude of support for the Shiahs. Honest and true Muslims- those who have been genuinely cast into confusion by the many noises and religious slogans of an Islamic hue being traded by Khomeini's supporters- will the truth of the pernicious cult of Shi'ism.

The truth about Shi'ism in relation to the Qur'an is summarized in the under mentioned facts.
1. Besides the difference of opinion of only four Shiahs theologians in all the centuries of Shi'ism history, all Shiah authorities unanimously proclaim that the Qur'an which we have in our possession is a fabricated Qur'an.
2. Even the four Shi'i theologians- i.e. four in the entire history of Shi'ism- who dissented with the teaching of Shi'ism in this regard, do not believe that those who reject the Qur'an ar kafir. Thus, although all Shi'i authorities unanimously proclaim the belief of the fabrication of the Qur'an, these four dissenters accept all such deniers of the Qur'an t be Muslims. Thus, their dissent and difference are of no real significance. They remain Shiahs who treat lightly the Shi'i teaching of a fabricated Qur'an.
3. Shi'ism believes that the actual Qur'an is three times bigger than the present Qur'an.
4. Shi'ism believes that only Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) compiled the Qur'an as it was revealed to Rasulullah (s.a.w.w).
5. Shi'ism claims that the "true'' Qur'an compiled by Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) was rejected by the Sahabah, hence he ( Hadhrat Ali) took the Qur'an into concealment.
6. According to Shi'ism the actual Qur'an is to this day in the custody of the 12th Imam who is concealing in a cave. The 12th Imam, when he appears, will bring out the 'true' Qur'an.
7. Shi'ism propagates that the compilers of the Qur'an i.e. the Qur'an which the Ummah has today, were renegades (murtads), hypocrites (munafiqs) and unbelievers (kafirs).
8. The beliefs and views enumerated in this treatise are those of the main Shiah sect, viz. the Ithna Ashris (the believers in the 12 Imams) of which Khomeini and the present Shi'i clergy of Iran are adherents.
9. Khomeini and those Shiah priest who protest against the charge of fabrication leveled against Shi'ism on account of its beliefs regarding the Qur'an, do so under cover of Taqiyyah, the Shi'i doctrine of Holy Hypocrisy.
10. Khomeini's hypocrisy assertion that the Qur'an we have is "true" is devoid of substance and truth since he acknowledges the authority of all the early Shi'i theologians who categorically branded the Qur'an as a fabricated book. Besides acknowledging the authority of the Shiah deniers of the Qur'an, Khomeini, in his writings, lauds their books and exhorts Shiahs to study their words.