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What was the first and exemplary period of Islam like? What were the practical results of the training and guidance imparted and bestowed by the greatest and the last Prophet of God? What was the life and character of the people who had received guidance and instruction directly at his hands ? Was it in any way different from that of the founders of national racial or family kingdom sand of the seekers of power and authority? What was the Prophet?s conduct in relation to his family and what was the attitude of the family members towards benefiting from this great and holy personality ? What was the conduct and attitude of the members of his household in acting upon and putting into practice the call of faith and the declaration of truth and earnest endeavour? What were the mutual relations amongst the earliest Muslims who were trained by him including his Companions called Shaba and family members called Ahle-Bait? What was the conduct of his immediate successors in the light of reliable history who held the reins of government I n this exemplary period and who go by the name of Khulafa-I-Rashideen the rightly-guided Caliphs in their personal lives as also in relation to other men in the vast territories over which they ruled in spite of the boundless powers and scope for gain and luxury they commanded? What was the position regarding the protection and preservation of the Holy Book upon which the entire religion was based ?