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There was a time when no one lived on the earth. Then Allah Ta?ala willed to in habit it with human beings. The first human being He created was Hazrat Adam (Alaihis Salaam). He was made of clay; All of us are his offspring?s.

Allah had created genii and angles even before the human beings when he willed to create Hazrat Adam (A.S) he said to the angles ?we will send him as our khaleefa (vice gerent) on earth.?

Do you know who is a khaleefa? We tell you. Suppose you have some property. If you appoint some one giving him necessary instructions to manage the affairs of that property he will be your khaleefa there. Similar is the meaning of appointing man as khaleefa on earth. This is Allah?s earth and He has sent here man to perform certain duties. He has also given him necessary instructions. Therefore man should do here everything according to Allah?s will; those who do accordingly are Allah?s true khaleefa.
So when Allah told the angels that He wanted to send man as His khaleefa on earth they said ?we are afraid that this man will do mischief and bloodshed on earth while we are there to praise Thee and are always engaged in Thy worship

Allah said ?You do not know what I know. How do you know what qualities we have stored in man? When sent to earth he will discover the hidden treasures there with the help of his wisdom which we have granted him avail himself of our creations. Now tell me if you know about those things. ??Our Lord? replied the angels ?We don?t know anything more than what you have told us. You are All-knower and All-wise.?

Than Allah asked Hazrat Adam [A.S] if he knew about those things. Hazrath Adam (A.S) told every thing because he had know about everything on earth with the help of the wisdom which Allah had given ?Do you see ? Allah then said to the angels ?we had told you that we have knowledge of everything in the heavens and earth whether they are open or hidden.

There after Allah ordered the angels to bow down before Hazrat Adam (A.S) and accept his superiority. All of them obeyed to Allah?s command but Shaitan (Satan) who was also present there did not do so. Instead he proudly said ?I just can?t bow down before this man who is made of clay while I am better than him because I am made of fire.?

Allah did not like this proud attitude of Shaitan and expelled him from His court. He was abused and will continue to be cursed till the Doom?s day when he and all his followers will be thrown into Hell.

Allah also created for Hazrat Adam [A.s] wife ?Hawwa (Eve) to live with. Hazrat Hawwa (A.S) is the mother of all mankind. Then Allah sent both of them to Paradise. There were very good fruits and other delicious eatables and comfort there. He asked them to live there and eat and drink whatever they wished. He however forbade them to go near a certain tree as it was of no use to them. They lived on in Paradise happily.

On the other hand Shaitan was very sad over his expulsion. But instead of accepting his guilt repenting and seeking Allah?s forgiveness he became adamant with anger and pride. Believing that Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hazrat Hawwa (A.S) had caused his expulsion from Allah?s court he decided to take revenge. As he was aware of Allah?s command to the two about the particular tree he one day approached them with an innocent face and said. ?Do you know why Allah has given everything to you in Paradise but forbidden you from going near that tree! In fact this is a very good tree and anyone who eats its fruit will never die. He will rather become an angle.? Swearing repeatedly he said ?I am telling all this only because I am your friend well wisher.?

Deceived by the innocent-looking man who claimed to be their friend but was in fact their enemy Hazrat Adam (A.S) and Hazarat Hawwa (A.S) one day ate the forbidden fruit. As soon as they did so their bodies were stripped of the heavenly attire and they were left naked. Poor Adam and Hawwa covered themselves with tree leaves. But unlike Shaitan they immediately realized that they had committed a grave mistake and annoyed their Lord. Soon they started beseeching Allah and seeking His forgiveness. Allah liked this and forgave their mistake. He also told them Shaitan was their open enemy and that they should not be deceived by these words.

After that Allah sent both of them to earth. He asked them to live there for some time and do such deeds as pleased Allah. He also told them all such things that please Him. Thus Hazrat Adam (A.S) was the first Messenger of Allah. Allah also told them that whoever of them did good deeds and lived in the world as His true khaleefa would be sent back to Paradise after death and whoever did not tread His path would be thrown into Hell along with Shaitan.

Lesson: Things to Remember
1. Man has always been man and the offspring of Hazrat Adam (A.S). Those who say that men?s ancestors were monkeys or apes are wrong. They are in darkness and deprived of Allah?s teachings.

2. To err is human but those who repent and seek Allah?s forgiveness are loved by Him while those who do not accept their mistake and repent the brothers of Shaitan. They will be thrown into Hell.

3. The first man who inhabited this earth Hazrat Adam (A.S) was the Messenger of Allah. Thus Allah not only provided food and shelter to man but also arranged for his guidance to the right paths from the very beginning.

4. Man is the khaleefa of Allah on earth. It is his duty to utilize His bounties according to His will; Man has no authority or claim of ownership over anything here. The state belongs to Allah and should be governed according to His will and command.

5. Those who obey Allah and follow His orders are His noble servants. They will find a place in Paradise in the Hereafter. Those who deny Allah?s existence and are not His true khaleefa will be thrown into Hell because they annoy Allah.