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Description : IBAADAT (WORSHIP) IN ISLAM is restricted to only ritual acts practices and customs of worship which were taught by Rasulullah ( saws ) and practised by his noble Companions and the illustrious personalities of Islam in the initial three eras of Islam known as Khairul Quroon (Noblest Ages). Irrespective of the appeal and beauty any act/practice of apparent worship may possess it will not be Ibaadat in Islam if it has no basis in the Sunnah of Rasulullah ( saws) ? and the concept of the Sunnah is what was known understood practised and propagated by the Sahaabah Taabieen and Tab-e-Taabieen in the period known as Khairul Quroon. Thus if anyone insists on performing Salaat at sunrise midday (Zawwaal) and sunset it will not be said that such performance is Salaat. It will be a haraam bid?ah (innovation) notwithstanding its external form of Salaat. If someone fasts on the Days of Eid such fasting will not be Ibaadat but will be haraam bid?ah the consequence of which is nothing but the Fire of Jahannum. Since these acts which are in conflict with the teachings of Rasulullah ( saws) they will not be classified as Ibaadat notwithstanding their external forms of worship. If someone performs four raka?ts ?Fardh? for Fajr instead of the commanded two raka?ts such performance will not be Ibaadat irrespective of the beauty of the external form of the act. It will be a haraam bid?ah.

Author : Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa