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Description : ATHAABUL QABR or the Punishment of the Grave is a reality established by the Qur?aan and Hadith. Ijma? (Consensus) of the Ummah exists on this belief since the age of the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu anhum). Heretics and deviates such as the Mu?tazilah and some Rawaafidh etc. have denied this belief and irrefutable Shar?i reality. Modernist and deviate groups in this belated age in close proximity to Qiyaamah have taken up this heretical belief of kufr and are deceiving innocent and ignorant Muslims into believing that Athaab-e-Qabr is not a teaching of Islam when in fact it is an integral part of Imaan. Denial of this belief is kufr --KUFR which eliminates Imaan which expels the deviate from the fold of Islam. Since deviant groups have severed their relationship with the Sahaabah and the Salf-e-Saaliheen they have become sufficiently audacious and vulgar to reject the Qur?aanic and Hadith interpretations of these noble and illustrious authorities of Islam in favour of their own brands of ta?weel-e-baatil (baseless and kufr kinds of interpretation) which is the product of their nafsaani and whimsical fancies and corrupt opinion.

Author : Mujlisul-Ulama of South Africa