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  • Guest / 07 Apr 2017

    sure yasin

    Guest / 16 Apr 2017

    Surah welvasri

    Guest / 18 May 2017


    Guest / 22 Feb 2019

    I need 15 copies of Quran Pak ,Please share your address and Hadhia Tabina 03323679748 [email protected]

    Guest / 10 May 2019

    how can i get QURAN translated by fateh muhammad jalandhari. I need one quran translated by fateh muhammad jalandhari hard copy.

    Guest / 24 Jun 2019

    maine quran kom padha aap jo pdf me converte kiye isse bahut asani hua samajhne me padhne me allah aapko aise nek kaam krne ki taufeek ata farmaye thank you sir

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