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Shia Belief and Muslim Beliefs

Kittabus Saum

Kittabus Saum - Fasting - Ramadhan Kittabus Saum | Description : "O People of Imaan! Siyâm (fasting) has been ordained for you just as It was ordained for those before you so that you attain taqwa"! [Qur'an] Siyam is among the fundamental acts of Ibadat. It has been ordained by Allah Ta'ala for the development of taqwa (piety) in the Mu'mineen. Fasting is extremely efficacious for the acquisition of taqwa. Read more

Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa

Published By: Young Men's Muslim Association Read more

Sect Deviation From Straight Path Of Islam

What was the first and exemplary period of Islam like? What were the practical results of the training and guidance imparted and bestowed by the greatest and the last Prophet of God? What was the life and character of the people who had received guidance and instruction directly at his hands ? Was it, in any way, different from that of the founders of national, racial or family kingdom, sand of the seekers of power and authority? What was the Prophet’s conduct in relation to his family and what was the attitude of the family members towards benefiting from this great and holy personality ? What was the conduct and attitude of the members of his household in acting upon and putting into practice the call of faith and the declaration of truth and earnest endeavour? Read more

Shias and Sunnis, The Difference

Question ?

Doctor kaleem siddiqui of london claims that the differences between shia and muslims are only secondary. The shia are not out of the fold of islam. On the other hand , doctor alawi syays that the shia are out of fold of islam because of their belief that all the sahabah (radiallahu anhu) (except for a few) are kaafir and that the differences between them and muslims are not secondary but fundamental. Based on the quran, it is necessary to regard the sahabah (radiallahu anhu) to be the best of the ummah and to believe that they are on haqq. Doctor siddiqui says that despite my being a siddiqui (descendant of hadhrat abu bakr siddiq (radiallahu anhu), i definitely consider iran to be the source of guidance. On the other hand doctor alawi says that despite my being an alawi ( descent of hadhrat ali "( radiallahu anhu )", i consider all the sahabah to befitting of the title of "( radiallahu anhu )" and i believe that they all earned the pleasure of allah. I have this belief with regards to each and every sahabi that allah was pleased with him, and he with allah.

Between these two doctors of england , who is on haqq ? Please explain.

May you be rewarded.

Muhammad bilal, lancashire. Read more

Shiite Beliefs

By: Moulana Zia-ur-rahman Farooqui Shaheed (Rahimahullah)
Translated By: Moulana Abdurrahman Ishaq Read more

Sipah-e-Sahabah (r.a.)

Q. Is the Mehdi spoken of in the Hadith the same Mehdi who is regarded as the twelfth Imam of the Shia's ?

A. No, he is not the same person. According to Islam, Mehdi will be born in close proximity to Qiyamat. Nabi Eesa (a.s) will descend from heaven during the reign of Mehdi but, according to Shiaism their twelfth Imam was born centuries ago. At the age of about five years he disappeared and went into concealment where he is hiding till today in a cave in Iraq called as "Man-e-Rae". The Shia's believe that twelfth Imam will one day appear with the true Quran.

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